8 consigli per un’abbronzatura perfetta e duratura

8 tips for a perfect, long-lasting tan

Yes I know, having Brazilian ancestry for me to talk about tanning is a “you like to win easy…”

I admit that I start from a basic latte shade; however, this year I must say that I managed to achieve an enviable complexion; even by my standards.
But when do you go home? I don’t know about you … but in 10 days I already start losing my tan. My skin dries up and I start peeling as if I had stepped out of the television series Visitors.

This year I would like to make the tan that I so painstakingly achieved by spreading out in the sun like a lizard last as long as possible (using the right sunscreens, of course).

I read up, researched and decided to share with you a little vademecum for getting a perfect, long-lasting tan.

Cold showers

Brrr…I’m cold and cold showers make me do screams that even Hitchcock in Psycho couldn’t achieve…however, to maintain the tan it is best to avoid long hot baths and opt for quick cool or lukewarm showers as too high temperatures tend to dry out the skin. After the shower is over, it is best to dab the skin and not rub it to avoid irritating and stressing it.

Right nutrition

Right nutrition for a perfect and long-lasting tanIt is necessary to drink at least 1.5 liters of water daily to keep the skin hydrated and elastic.
In addition, we can incorporate beta-carotene-rich foods such as apricot, melon, carrot and pumpkin into our diet. So give free rein to strictly orange fruit smoothies and shakes!

Beware of fragrances

Alcohol-based products such as perfumes tend to dry out the skin and accelerate flaking. So it is preferable to use essential oils that help the skin stay supple.For a while I think I will say goodbye to my beloved Hypnotic Poison and opt for scented creams and oils.

NO! To air conditioning

September is still a hot time, so having some coolness doesn’t hurt, but air conditioning encourages the upper layer of the epidermis to change, which then takes the tanned part with it. This is a point I can easily follow as I am not a fan of air conditioning.


Moisturizing cream for perfect and long-lasting tanMost important to keep the skin nourished and supple is to remember to use moisturizers. Choose specific oils and products to apply several times a day. I personally slather on quintals of creams based on argan oil, almonds and aloe.

Scrub: yes or no?

Yes. But with caution. One would think that exfoliants would wipe away the tan, but the melanin that makes us “colored” develops deep down, and the action of the scrub, being superficial, helps us remove already dry skin that would have peeled off over time anyway. The exfoliant removes dead skin cells while keeping the skin glowing.
However, it is necessary to choose nonaggressive formulas so as not to stress the skin.I for example make my own scrub, it is quick and easy, just combine sugar, olive or almond oil and honey.

No to tight clothes

Tips for perfect, long-lasting tanUnless your name is Audrey Hepburn and you have to eat breakfast at Tiffany’s, avoid sheath dresses and tight dresses as the rubbing of fabrics irritates the skin and increases the exfoliating effect. Better loose-fitting clothes that allow breathing such as cotton or linen.
In my case, I haven’t used swaddling garments for a long time now to avoid the New Year’s Eve squeezed sausage effect #discomfort

Sunny weekend

September still gives us beautiful sunny days, so why not take advantage of it for a trip out of town and give our tan one last push? In fact, you know what? I almost escape to the beach this weekend, a great chance to get some more “sunbathing.”

If you follow my advice your tan will last longer and make everyone envious.
We already have so many inconveniences to endure such as going back to work, at least we won’t have to worry about tanning.

See you in the next article! ^ ^

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