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And here we are talking, again, about … BACTERIA! In fact, let’s return to the subject of the “friendly” bacteria of our intestines: the famous probiotics!

The focus of this article is on one “friendly bacteria” in particular: have you ever heard of Bacillus clausii? If this name sounds complicated and strange to you, try going to the labels of the most common probiotics: you will see that you will not be slow to find it!

But why is this Bacillus clausii used for the formulation of probiotics?

To answer this question, let’s get to know it better and see its main characteristics.

Who is this Bacillus clausii?

Bacillus clausii is a gram-positive microorganism belonging to the genus Bacillus . Like most bacteria belonging to this genus, it is rod-shaped and, most importantly, has the ability to generate spores.

Speaking of spores… it is worth noting that it is these that give Bacillus clausii the characteristic of being a good probiotic! Do you know why?

Let’s look at what spores are and why this property is so important in the field of probiotics.


Spore production is a survival mechanism that some microorganismsdigestive system paladin pharma put in place when environmental conditions are unfavorable.

Basically, it is as if the bacterial cell is temporarily in a dormant form, with the genetic material enclosed in a very strong structure that can withstand adverse environmental conditions. The moment optimal living conditions reappear, the spores germinate, that is, they “awaken,” giving rise once again to active bacteria capable of resuming their metabolic functions.

Well, we understand what a spore is! We are now ready to take the next step: why can a spore-forming bacterium turn out to be a good probiotic?

The answer is quite intuitive when you think about the way probiotics are taken. Imagine, for example, dissolving our sachet of probiotics in water and ingesting the solution: the liquid will have to pass through our entire digestive system in order to reach our intestines, where it will carry out its beneficial action.

Given that the bacteria must reach our intestines alive in order to exert their positive effects, passage into the acidic environment of the stomach is an obstacle to overcome.

Following this reasoning, could taking bacterial spores be a solution to remedy this problem?

The answer is YES!!! In fact, the structure of the spore allows the bacterium to survive passage through the stomach and reach the intestines without being harmed. Here the spore can also germinate, again giving rise to metabolically active cells that will then be able to carry out their action.

In addition, another advantage of their use is that spore products can be stored for a long time at room temperature without any detrimental effect on viability.

But what does Bacillus clausii do in our intestines?

bacillus clausii intestine paladin pharmaSeveral studies have examined the positive actions Bacillus clausii exerts in the intestines.

Among these we can find:

  • The property of adhering to the intestinal epithelium, thus preventing the adhesion and growth of other potentially pathogenic microorganisms.
  • The ability to produce compounds with antimicrobial action, helping to counteract the growth and proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Immunomodulatory properties. Studies have shown that Bacillus clausii spores are able to stimulate the production of interferon gamma and increase the proliferation of CD4+ T lymphocytes.
  • Ability to produce B vitamins.
  • Antibiotic resistance capacity. This property is very important as it allows co-administration of Bacillus clausii with any antibiotic therapy: in this way, the antibiotic can go to work against pathogenic bacteria, while the probiotic, not being damaged, is able to exert its beneficial action and thus prevent the alterations in intestinal bacterial flora that occur following antibiotic therapy!

Precisely because of these properties, the use of Bacillus clausii is mainly indicated to restore the intestinal flora following antibiotic therapy or various conditions that may alter its normal balance.

To conclude.

Here we are today meeting a new “friendly bacteria” Bacillus clausii! It is impressive to see how microscopic bacteria can bring so many benefits to our body…

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Enterolife con Bacillus Clausii
Enterolife con Bacillus Clausii

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