Drenanti e controllo del peso

Drainage and weight control

When eating poorly and too much at meals, products that can help weight loss are those made from plant polysaccharides (commonly called fiber) that can swell readily in the stomach to promote the onset of a ready satiating effect and reduce the absorption of what is introduced at main meals. It is important to drink both before taking the product but also throughout the day.

In this case, more than intervening on nutrition, one should try to increase energy expenditure. In addition to introducing into your lifestyle, some physical activity to boost your metabolism, you can use in combination specific products that thanks to their ingredients can promote greater energy expenditure. In this case, there are plant extracts such as Green Tea, Bitter Orange that, again combined with a proper and varied diet, can contribute to weight loss

It is always good to ascertain any warnings on the packaging. Normally products of this type, which may be supplements or medical devices, do not present particular problems when used, but when in doubt it is always a good idea to seek advice first from your doctor or pharmacist.

When used correctly, in conjunction with a balanced, low-calorie diet, and some physical activity, the products can be taken until the desired weight is achieved. It is always good to properly hydrate the body and never make your diet plan lack fruits and vegetables.

If the swelling occurs with sudden weight gain, without having varied one’s eating habits, or is localized at the level of, abdomen, feet, legs, manu, it could be increased fluid retention. In such a case, a product with draining activity might be useful to help reduce excess fluids.

The combination certainly allows for a more complete action. Clearly, it is important to do well throughout the day so as not to dehydrate the body but only promote the reduction of excess fluids.

Yes, as long as you drink at least 1.5-2 liters of water per day. The goal of draining products is to promote the elimination of excess fluids and with them any waste that may have accumulated, without dehydrating the body.

Soy is a source of phytoestrogens, which are substances that mimic the action of female hormones in a softer way. Particularly with fermentation, it is possible to enrich the composition of soybeans with even more valuable new phytoestrogens. So in addition to introducing soy preparations into the diet, it is possible to use dietary supplements that provide fermented soy.

Menopausal symptoms can last for years. In any case, it would be helpful to be able to take fermented soy products for at least 3 months in order to take full advantage of their activity. After 3 months, it is possible to continue in treatment or try discontinuing to see if the symptoms reappear. If so, one can resume taking the product.

Certainly it is important, not only when you are already in menopause but preventively, to take care of your diet by favoring foods rich in Calcium and Vitamin D3, such as yogurt, cheeses (choosing from the lowest-fat ones), milk (semi-skimmed), fish, cereals. Yes, because these products, in addition to fermented soybeans, can also provide useful nutrients for maintaining normal bones, such as Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2.

With fermented soy, you start to see the first improvements already after the first few weeks of intake.

Take care of your diet, also paying attention to your caloric intake because with menopause sometimes your metabolism changes and you tend to gain weight more easily. Always prioritize the consumption of fruits and vegetables and those foods rich in calcium and vitamin D3, practice some physical activity on a constant and regular basis. The latter exerts a positive effect on bone well-being.

Drenanti e controllo del peso

Menopause and women

Drenanti e controllo del peso

Cold and the immune system

There are products (dietary supplements) made from Echinacea, both purpurea and angustifolia, fortified with specific nutrients, such as Zinc and Vitamin C, that can help strengthen the body’s physiological defenses.

Ideally, intake should begin with the arrival of the bad season, and continue steadily and regularly in the following months.

Production of phlegm identifies the cough as oily, otherwise it can be considered dry. In both cases plant extracts such as Gridelia, Plantain or plants rich in mucilage may be helpful.

Yes, traditional Propolis preparations, for example, fortified with Erisimus extract, which is also used by singers, can be useful for the purpose.

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