Come usare la propoli

How to use NATURAL AND GREEN propolis and how important is it EVERY winter?

100% natural antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal. For decades, this miraculous ointment has been studied and used for its exceptional therapeutic properties, ranging from treating sore throats to urinary tract conditions.
But are you really sure you know all about propolis?

What is it?

Propolis is one of the outstanding products of bees, just like honey and

Natural propolis with bees

Natural propolis with bees

royal jelly. These insects obtain it by collecting resin from numerous plant species. The resin is subsequently reprocessed by worker bees through salivary and enzymatic secretions. And here propolis originates. Propolis is a waxy-resinous substance with an extremely variable color ranging from yellow-brown to black (that’s right, it can be distinguished from honey by its decidedly darker hues). Just like us, bees benefit from its antibacterial properties. In fact, they use it for:

  • Strengthen and protect honeycombs;
  • to cover the cell walls before the queen bee lays her eggs;
  • to embalm killed invading animals, thus preventing the onset of putrefactive processes;

ll name boasts Greek origins-demonstrating its now-historical fame-and means “in front of (pro-) the city (-polis),” so propolis is what defends the hive from outside attacks.

Pharmacological action

How to use propolis

How to use propolis

Propolis possesses antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, immune-stimulating and antioxidant activities.

Its chemical composition is very complex and variable. It contains resins (acids and aldehydes), essential oils derived from plants, pollen, minerals and vitamins (PP and B vitamins).

It is also rich in flavonoids, compounds characterized by high chemical reactivity, which possess anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory activity.

All these substances contribute to making propolis a natural antibiotic with both bacteriostatic and bactericidal activity. Propolis prevents germs from multiplying and kills them, stimulating immune processes. It also performs valuable action on many strains of viruses, including many influenza and parainfluenza viruses, some rhinoviruses, and the virus responsible for cold sores.

How to use raw and natural propolis in everyday practice

How to use raw propolis, a remedy for sore throat

How to use raw propolis, a remedy for sore throat

Its main use is against sore throat and more widely against all inflammatory processes of the respiratory tract and oral cavity.
In this regard, 20-30 drops of pure propolis dissolved in water or herbal tea are a real boon for throat health in the winter season.
For prevention, but also To relieve the symptoms of cold diseases of the early airways, it may be useful to use propolis alone or combined with other plant extracts such as rose hips (a natural source of vitamin C), blackcurrant (anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and anti-allergic) and Eucalyptus (balsamic and airway-clearing).

Practical advice from the nutritionist

Propolis is effective against sore throat especially when applied directly to the inflamed area. It is possible to exert a mild anesthetic action useful in relieving seasonal discomfort.

Other uses of natural propolis

Did you know that propolis is also an effective natural ally against urinary tract infections?
Most female readers will have experienced the annoying experience of cystitis at least once in their lives. Cystitis is an often recurring problem that is difficult to get rid of (if you want to learn more about cystitis you can also read our article here). Again, propolis can be used as an effective antibacterial helpful in promoting urinary tract wellness.

Many studies also show its effectiveness against fungi, particularly candida, another etiologic agent of bothersome vaginal infections as well as skin fungal infections.

The best way to hire it?

Applied directly into the throat, as an ointment, pure in drops or tablet form, whatever form you choose to take it in, propolis is a valuable natural ally to protect your health throughout the winter season!

Were you already familiar with propolis and its uses?

If you like, please let us know in the comments.

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