Drenax e ritenzione idrica


Water retention refers to fluid accumulation that can be localized to a single area (belly, legs, abdomen, toes, feet, etc.) or be spread throughout the body. Today we discuss its 5 main causes.

Bad nutrition

Drenax and water retention poor nutritionSalt is our body’s worst enemy, and the number one culprit, of water retention. One teaspoon normally provides 2300 mg of sodium; the recommended daily intake is about 2 g. It is also important to beware of hidden sources of salt such as:

  • prepackaged soups
  • chips
  • processed or smoked foods
  • monosodium glutamate and sodium benzoate
  • cold cuts
  • Beware also of fried or over-processed foods that, beyond their caloric value, burden the liver and with it the normal processes of eliminating waste and toxins that, when retained by our bodies, can cause water retention.

It should not be forgotten that being overweight itself can aggravate or cause retention, and therefore in such situations it is important to follow a balanced, low-calorie diet.

Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants and active ingredients that contribute to the proper functioning of blood vessels and capillary microcirculation, so let’s not forget to include them in our diet!

Finally, let us remember that even if water does not represent a true nutrient, it is still essential to ensure the physiological drainage of excess fluids.

Regulatory deficits

The proper functioning of venous circulation in the lower limbs is an important factor in the body’s proper water balance. Small deficits in this regard can lead to swollen and heavy legs, also caused by increased fluid retention.

In this regard, exercise, including localized exercise in the lower limbs, together with some of the precautions reported in posture vices, helps to ensure proper and physiological circulation.

Posture vices

The spine has its own physiological curvature, which, if altered, can cause serious disorders. This variation may be caused by habit to particular work postures or everyday habits, unsuitable clothing or too high heels, etc.

Where can postural vices come from? Let’s look at some examples here:

  • Excessive sedentary lifestyle, especially constantly crossed legs (obstacle to venous and lymphatic reflux circulation).
  • Upright but “fixed” station, without the beneficial muscular exercise given by walking, which promotes upward squeezing of vessels and lymph and improves lymph-venous circulation.
  • Asymmetries in muscle development related to the use of some muscle groups rather than others

Wrong clothing

Water retention and drenax clothingAll clothing that exerts strong compression is under indictment. No, therefore, to all tight undergarments that hinder venous and lymphatic circulation (too-tight bodysuits, hold-ups, etc.), as well as too-tight jeans, tracksuits with compression elastic. Especially anything that can tighten at the root of the legs and cause circulation defects. Bras with straps that mark too much can also compress shoulder and arm circulation.

The other defendant is too high heels. The use of the latter implies an overload for the forefoot, which compressed by a narrow toe box makes the situation even worse. Reduced or impaired walking due to inexact plantar support or even prolonged standing leads to blood stagnation and consequently water retention.

Stress and bad habits

Sudden and abrupt changes in one’s biorhythms, particularly pronounced physical fatigue, changes in the environment, altered working conditions, may converge and sometimes flank other concomitant causes in determining the onset of water retention. Poor sleep, a hectic pace of life trigger unhealthy habits, such as alcohol and coffee abuse.Drenax and water retention smoking bad habit

Special attention to smoking: it alters the function of the lungs, which are no longer able to eliminate waste normally removed by breathing. The tissues, due to the permanence of this waste, become intoxicated, acidified, and all this also leads to more fluid retention.

Today we have identified the top 5 causes of water retention.

Drenax, an ally against water retention

Drenax Forte is a line of dietary supplements designed in Italy that boasts a unique patent given by the association between Lespedeza and Rutin.

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