Water retention, more commonly referred to as “bloating,” is a problem that periodically affects much of the population.

Water retention refers to fluid accumulation that can be localized to a single area (belly, legs, abdomen, toes, feet, etc.) or be spread throughout the body.

Consider that water makes up about 45-70% of our total body weight and, as such, is the molecule most present in our bodies. The amount of water also varies with age and sex: it is greater the younger you are and is in higher proportions in men than in women.

Bloating, water retention

Although it is not considered a true nutrient, as it has no calories and contains only minerals, water is equally very important. Without food, our bodies can survive for up to 10 weeks or so, using body fat stores as energy reserves; the opposite can certainly not be said of a lack of water; it only takes a few days without drinking to incur states of dehydration that in severe cases can lead to death.

Water performs important functions in the digestion, absorption and transport of nutrients; it also plays an essential role in the elimination of waste and toxins from our bodies and is also an excellent lubricant for certain tissues (eye, lung) as well as bone joints. Finally, it is basic for bodily thermoregulation and bloodstream function. Body water also represents the medium in which multiple substances such as proteins, sugars, collagen, elastic, reticular fibers, and salts are dissolved.

One bottle of water a day…

Disruption of the balance between extra- and intracellular fluids in favor of fluid accumulation at the extracellular level causes water retention or, according to the most common understanding, so-called “bloating.” Very frequent are cases of “localized” swelling; classic examples are difficulty in slipping on rings, feelings of swollen legs and feet at the end of the day, swelling related to premenstrual syndrome, menopause, and so on.

If you want to know the causes of water retention we have listed them in this article,“Water retention: today we discuss its 5 main causes.”

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