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Sanavita is the best brand for Italians thanks to its quality and convenience

Over 40 products including dietary supplements and cosmetics designed specifically for your daily needs.

Sanavita thanks to its high dosages and low prices has been the line loved by Italians for more than 10 years.

It was the year 2006…

While Turin was buzzing with excitement for the Olympics and pulling in an air of renewal, Sanavita was making its entrance for the first time among our brands!

A full 15 years after its birth, we want to introduce you to this historic brand for Paladin Pharma, telling you how it came into being but, more importantly, how, over the years, it has made its way, winning its place in the vast world of parapharmaceuticals.

Initially, the potential that this brand could have was not realized: for a few years it remained somewhat on the sidelines, until an employee of our Research & Development Department, starting from a basic concept “a healthy person is a happier person“, analyzed new market trends and proposed developing a line to meet new consumer needs: good and quality products, but with a affordable price. Proposal that was enthusiastically accepted by the administrator, who decided to invest in the project.

For a long time the laboratories have been working tirelessly on the development of this new line, but only one small (and not insignificant!) detail was missing: the NAME!

It was necessary to find a name that could best represent the spirit of this ambitious project. From the archives popped up this mark from 2006: HEALTHY LIFE, a life “wholesome and healthy” – just what was intended to be communicated! At this point, from a small idea hatched by a far-sighted employee, a solid and concrete project was born, which now boasts more than 40 high rotating products in pharmacy.

Since 2009, Sanavita has never stopped growing. And while she initially set out to be an alternative to the market leaders, she has now herself become a promoter of innovation, seeking to diversify herself from other products on the market by working tirelessly on research and development and testing patented and effective formulations.

By now, Sanavita is a well-known brand and has succeeded in building the loyalty of consumers who look for it on the shelves, recognizing its quality over its competitors. And it also finds a lot of acceptance on social thanks to the user groups who daily believe in us and support us!

In short… a real (and convenient!) novelty for the consumer!



Heart and cholesterol

Sanavita Colesterolo

Weight control

Sanavita Controllo del Peso

Sanavita Immune Defenses

Freddo e difese immunitarie


Sanavita energia


Sanavita Gola

Hand hygiene

Sanavita Manigien Igiene Mani
  • Manigien 25ml
  • Manigien 100ml
  • Manigien Liter

Nose hygiene

Sanavita Igiene Naso
  • Salimar Ampoules
  • Salimar Isotonic
  • Salimar Hypertonic


Sanavita Regolartià intestinale

Sanavita Minerals

Sanavita Vitamine Minerali

Muscular and joint

Sanavita Articolazioni


Sanavita Articolazioni


Sanavita Sonno


Sanavita Sonno


Sanavita Altro
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