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Gut bacterial flora: probiotics and friendly bacteria

In our body the most delicate part is always the intestines, all it takes is a bad diet a period of stress for there to be an imbalance that causes discomfort and thus makes us sick.

Probiotics, friendly bacteria and gut floraThe balance of intestinal flora helps promote normal digestive processes and reduce any problems with abdominal bloating. It can also contribute to regular bowel mobility and promote the body’s defenses against external aggression.

Persistent alteration of gut bacterial flora can also adversely affect the well-being of our skin and our normal metabolism.

What causes an intestinal imbalance?

Let’s identify the main factors that can cause gut flora imbalance:

  • improper nutrition;
  • Poor hydration;
  • Periods of physical and mental stress;
  • Continued use of antibiotics;
  • Lowering of immune defenses;
  • Aggression by external microorganisms.

The most significant problem that occurs in the long run in individuals with these disorders is called dysbiosis. The body then undergoes a progressive depletion of the number and quality of bacteria in the gut.

In these situations what helps are “friendly” bacteria i.e. probiotics. These serve mainly to strengthen our defenses. Among the main families of probiotics we can find lactobacilli and bifidus bacteria that help the proper functioning of intestinal barriers. These bacteria support the digestive processes of food by promoting the production of vitamins.

What to do when the intestinal balance breaks down?

As we saw just now the main causes of this disorder can be various. Therefore, it is important to improve one’s diet in order to contribute to the improvement of bacterial flora:Probiotics, friendly bacteria and gut flora

  • Eliminate excess sugar, fat and alcohol;
  • Increase daily intake of plant fiber;
  • Properly hydrate the body;
  • Limit smoking as much as possible;
  • Doing proper physical activity to also promote bowel mobility.

When diet and physical activity alone are not enough, it may be helpful to supplement one’s diet through the intake of what are called “friendly” bacteria or probiotics. For probiotics to be effective and useful for the gut, it is important that the live bacteria be contained in enteric capsules that can withstand stomach acidity and ensure their survival as they pass through the stomach. In this way they reach the small and large intestines intact where, at least temporarily, they colonize the digestive tract.

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Immune defense supplements

Probiotic dietary supplements

Paladin Pharma spa has several probiotics that are useful in promoting the balance of intestinal microbial flora.

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