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Spring is beginning, a season of the year when there is a not inconsiderable change in the weather, and at this sensitive time it is important that our attention be directed toward purifying the body, eliminating excess fluids and improving our peripheral circulation.

Dietary supplements are really essential at this time of year for a variety of reasons:

  1. because they support our immune system and thus help it react more readily to infections
  2. because it is spring, and we know that in the changes of season it would be optimal to take a preventive cure of vitamins and minerals suitable for physical and mental support of the body
  3. because they help us have more energy at a time when there is a greater need for energizing strength

But what should the right supplement contain?

body purification with milk thistleFirst of all, some natural allies aimed at purifying the body such as artichoke and milk thistle, which are useful for stimulating liver function and allowing our liver to function at its best in its main role as the body’s “filter.”

Then birch, centella asiatica, green tea, aloe vera, and orthosiphon, true specialists in getting rid of excess fluids and stagnant cellulite.

Last but not least, sweetclover, blueberry, and blackcurrant, which in addition to being very rich in vitamin C that boosts our immune system, allow us to improve our peripheral circulation making our legs light and deflated.

body purification and melilotIt is possible to find the synergy of all these properties in a single product recommended by doctors and nutritionists: the DRENAX FORTE that allows you to purify the body, drain excess fluids and improve circulation all in one product!

With the dosage of 1 cap in a liter per day, we also get used to drinking throughout the day and thus eliminate waste more easily.

And what’s more, with every Drenax purchased you can request free personalized nutrition advice. How to do it? See here.

Drenax e ritenzione idrica

Drenax, an ally against water retention

Drenax Forte is a line of dietary supplements designed in Italy that boasts a unique patent given by the association between Lespedeza and Rutin.

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