Echinacea, imperatrice delle difese immunitarie


Yesterday I was on the sofa scrolling through photos from when you could still get out of the house and I lingered over those taken during “Flor,” a flower event held in October in Turin during which the streets of downtown are transformed into an immense and colorful garden.

That day, strictly armed with a mask, sanitizer and selfie stick I threw myself like Alice in Wonderland among flowers and plants of all kinds, and it was here between an aloe and a hydrangea that she, the star of this article,Echinacea, appeared to me.

Plant Echinacea Paladin Pharma

Let’s get to know Echinacea together.

Echinacea is native to North America and is shaped like a daisy with a much larger and more pronounced cone-shaped central part.

If Vitamin C is the Lady of Immunity, Echinacea is the Empress!

(If you haven’t read my article on Vitamin C here is the link:

Native Americans were well aware of the beneficial properties of this plant and even considered it sacred.

Echinacea in mortar

Native American shamans used it to heal wounds, cure bites from poisonous insects and snakes, prepare mouthwashes against toothache, and flu shots.

Following colonization, Echinacea spread throughout the world and continues to be appreciated for its many beneficial properties.

What are its beneficial properties?

The most valuable part of Echinacea is its root, which is rich in polysaccharides, flavonoids, cycloric acid and essential oils; valuable elements that give the plant distinct immune-stimulating, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

To put it in a nutshell, this formidable plant increases the production of leukocytes (or white blood cells); for those like me who had a childhood punctuated by Bim Bum Bam and tapes of “Exploring the Human Body,” the leukocytes were the ones depicted as policemen in white uniforms who widened their mouths sucking in and phagocytizing all kinds of bacteria and dross.

Taking Echinacea regularly helps fight cold symptoms such as cough and fever and also gives beneficial effects in urinary infections.

Moreover, as Native Americans had already discovered, it is still used today the healing lotions and ointments.

Now you know all the beneficial properties of Echinacea.

Echinacea Immunostimulant

But let’s face it, in addition to being a powerful immune-stimulant there is no denying that Echinacea flowers are really quite beautiful, so in case you want to give a seedling as a gift, know that in the language of flowers it symbolizes strength and health.

If you would like to deliver one to my office I would appreciate it :-)

See you in the next article!

By Aunt Franca

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