osteoporosi e sintomi della menopausa


Between the ages of 45 and 55, a woman’s physique changes, ovarian activity ceases, and this results in the onset of menopause. This period is characterized by major changes in female hormone function.

osteoporosis bonesIf you are in this stage of life, don’t worry–the ways to best cope with menopause we have already seen in a previous article.

But now let’s see how to combat one of the most characteristic phenomena of menopause: osteoporosis. This particular condition affects women as they possess less bone mass and can be of two particular types:

  • post-menopausal: here there is demineralization of the bone, which becomes more fragile and exposed to fracture risks.
  • Age-related: in which there is an inevitable loss of bone mass over the years.

There are two factors that can increase the process:

  • reduced concentration of Vitamin D
  • reduced bone formation

How to prevent the formation of osteoporosis?

  1. Prevent calcium balance from becoming negative: the calcium requirement is established around 800 mg per day for a woman of adult age. This can be ensured through daily intake of milk, dairy products and other calcium-rich foods. Caution: caffeine has been shown to increase calcium lossesosteoporosis menopause through the kidney and intestines.
  2. Ensure a good supply of Vitamin D. This can also occur through proper nutrition (fish, grains and fats). Vitamin D can help fix calcium and phosphorus in bones; it also increases intestinal absorption and reduces elimination.
  3. Avoid excess weight. Especially during menopause, it is important to keep weight under control to avoid overweight.
  4. Carry out physical activity on a daily basis, particularly exercises aimed at helping the spine and hip joints may be useful.

Osteoporosis is a disease and as such should be diagnosed by your primary care physician. Medical advice should always be sought for any further drug treatment.

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