How to exercise at home: 5 useful tips

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How to exercise at home: 5 useful tips

A new year has begun-and with it so have the famous resolutions. “I will get in shape” definitely falls among the most popular. Never before, however, has this goal seemed increasingly unattainable: between smart working, the closing of gyms and the greater amount of time spent, by necessity, at home, our lives have undoubtedly become more sedentary.

All novelties, whether they are more or less pleasant, involve a stage of adaptation: in the case of sports activity, we have been forced to replace our daily gym routine with walking and running outdoors, perhaps even realizing that, all things considered, it is not so bad (as well as being more salute)!

Now, however, you have to deal with the real enemy of outdoor activities: winter!

And here we have on the one hand the more intrepid who, armed with jacket, cap and sports shoes, brave even the most extreme temperatures; on the other hand we find those who, discouraged by the cold and darkness, prefer the warmth of home.

Beware, however: even from home we can (and should!) take care of our psychological and physical well-being: it’s just a matter of finding alternative ways to be able to exercise with some regularity.

How to exercise at home? Planning, organization, perseverance and, above all, motivation are the keys to success in keeping fit even at home. By following a few simple tips, you will see that home exercise will not be difficult or boring!

  1. Choose the training that suits you best

Exactly as in the gym, training cannot be the same for everyone, but must be personalized!

Depending on your needs, choose the program that best suits you (perhaps with the help of an expert in the field), remembering in general to include both muscle toning exercises and aerobic training sessions.

If you want to make the workout more fun, you can choose from one of the many workouts you find on YouTube, such as those inspired by different dance styles!

Please note.
. Here are two general pointers that can be applied to any type of training:

  • warm up before starting, such as by jogging in place or jumping rope;
  • do stretching at the end of your workout: this practice allows you to improve the overall condition of your muscles and increase their flexibility and elasticity, as well as prevent injury.
  1. Establish days and times

To exercise regularly and then to see the results, it is essential to be consistent.

How can we do this? By establishing, for example, fixed workout days and times, physical activity will soon become a habit, and thus an integral part of our daily routine (just as the gym was, in many cases!).

  1. Search for Teammates

teammates home exercisesAs a great lover of group classes in the gym, I can only recommend exercising with others. Besides being more fun, the company of a relative, friend or small group will stimulate you to always give your best and lead to more satisfying results!

Thanks to technology, you won’t even need to invite friends over: you can arrange video calls! You will see that it will be safer, more comfortable and equally fun!

What if you occasionally find yourself alone and maybe even a little listless? Don’t panic! You can download fitness apps or search for videos on YouTube and social – you’ll find plenty of them, and with the right pace and energy, it will be almost like taking a class at the gym!

  1. Music On!

Speaking of rhythm… Music can be a tremendous support for sports practice!

In fact, several scientific studies have shown that listening to music before and during training can improve physical performance, decrease fatigue and exert a positive effect on mood.

So what are you waiting for? Create a playlist with your favorite songs, it will give you a boost to get your workout off to a great start!

  1. Get some tools, alternatively-“Invent them!”

Weights (choose the ones best suited to your physique), elastic gym bands, a fitball, a jump rope, a stepper, an exercise mat–if you are familiar with these tools, you can use them to create the perfect “homemade” workout.

On the other hand, are you unfamiliar with gym equipment or do you not own any? Just look around the house and have some imagination:

  • Use full bottles instead of weights to do arm exercises or to make squats and lunges on the legs more strenuous.
  • When doing crunches on the floor, you can place a bottle, book or other object on your abdomen to make the exercises “heavier” and more effective (remember to hold the object steady with your hands if necessary to avoid hurting yourself)!
  • Use steps or chairs of different heights to do “step up” exercises for the legs (i.e., the “getting up and down” from the step with one leg at a time).

In conclusion–don’t give up exercise just because “it’s dark and cold outside”! Rather, prepare your “fitness corner” and get the dancing started!

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