Proper posture in smart working: Interview with osteopath Dr. Marco Castellazzo

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Proper posture in smart working: Interview with osteopath Dr. Marco Castellazzo

Smart working has become a reality. Working from home, we find that we sit a little more comfortably but often then at the end of the day we notice a headache or a bad back. Today we interview a specialist who will help us understand the main mistakes we make and tell us how to have correct posture when working from home!

And here I am again!
Today I decided to take a different line on the blog. I interviewed an experienced physical therapist to address a topic that in this long period of lockdown and smart working has become important to talk about: sedentariness and poor posture.
I know I’m wrong myself, I spend a long time at my desk working and I admit that seeing myself sitting at a PC can give the idea of watching a Cirque du Soleil contortionist show.

Today’s guest is: Marco Castellazzo – Osteopath

I would start with a little introduction of my guest, today we are going to talk with Dr. Marco Castellazzo, Osteopath and Massophysiotherapist.
Specializes in Osteopathy, Pediatric Osteopathy, Massophysiotherapy, Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Pain Therapy.

But now let’s cut to the chase and start right away with the questions!

In this last period, have you noticed an increase in patients with issues due to sedentariness and smart working?

smart working and correct posture - paladin pharmaAbsolutely. Unfortunately, a sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity due to the closure of gyms have greatly increased the problems of Cervicalgia and Lumbago, which were already very common in people who held office jobs.
Patients often tell me that they get out of bed at the last minute, sit in their workstation and at the end of the day, having no further stimulation they settle on the couch watching Netflix and TV series.
I myself in March 2020, forced indoors by the General Lockdown, experienced what it is like to spend hours and hours sitting in the classic kitchen chair, certainly not suitable for allowing us optimal comfort for long periods.

How can we maintain proper posture in smart working?
And what are the most common mistakes we make?

what mistake to avoid to have a correct posture - paladin pharmaThe most common mistake is definitely not recreating an optimal workstation.
The chair should be comfortable, not rigid, with a back that allows us to take some of the weight off. It should be adjustable in height and possibly with a reinforcement on the lumbar fascia.
The computer screen should be positioned slightly lower than the horizontal line of the eyes. This adjustment is almost impossible when using a Laptop resting on a classic kitchen table.
The wrist should never be shearing against the edge of the table, as this position will lead to very common problems of Carpal Tunnel.
The elbows should be resting on the table in a relaxed position.
Another very serious mistake for those who work from home is not giving themselves breaks. Every 1 to 2 hours it would be good to break off for 5 minutes and walk so that our body can properly use all the muscles.

Are there specific exercises that can help relieve pain in people who already suffer from prolonged time sitting at a desk?

neck exercise - paladin pharmaWalking often is not enough. It remains a good cardiovascular activity, but at the muscle level it is not enough. For those who often suffer from lumbar pain, I always recommend lying supine, even better if on the floor with a mat, bring your knees to your chest and relax your entire back, which should come in contact with the floor.
For those with Cervical problems, however, imagine you have a pencil on your nose and draw a straight line going from right to left 10 times. Rotating the neck is most important, because it allows the muscles to stretch after long periods of work hunched over a screen that is often not at the correct height.

Do you have a final piece of advice for our readers?

Definitely create, as much as possible, as correct a workstation as possible.
On the other hand, for those who suffer from chronic issues exacerbated by Smart Working, I recommend not stalling and checking in with an Osteopath or Physiotherapist. Often mild issues that are underestimated over time then lead to discopathies, hernias, or witch’s blows that instead require much more time and effort to resolve.

We have come to the end of the meeting, and I thank Dr. Castellazzo for his time and valuable advice.

What do you say? How did I do as an interviewer?
I had a good time, and with what I learned I will try not to sit like a monkey at the PC anymore; besides, between you and me, the physical therapist is bonito as well!

Ps: almost while I’m here I’ll take the opportunity to get a nice lopsided back massage.

See you in the next article! ^ ^

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Aunt Franca

Who is Marco Castellazzo

marco castellazzo - correct posture - paladin pharma

Dedication, professionalism and preparation are the cornerstones on which my work is based and have always set me apart.

I was born and raised in Turin, Italy, and after graduating from high school with a scientific diploma, I began my career by earning a bachelor’s degree in exercise and sports science from the University of Turin.

I then decided to embark on this fabulous journey into the world of medical sciences by studying in Perugia and graduating as a three-year Massophysiotherapist.

Here I came in contact with several Osteopaths whose approach and philosophy immediately enraptured me. I then began the long 6-year journey in Osteopathy at SIOTEMA, the oldest and most renowned school in Turin.

I finished my studies with honors by obtaining a diploma in Osteopathy recognized by ROI (Register of Italian Osteopaths). A private registry that certifies the course of study and compiles a roll of professionals in which I am currently registered.

Subsequently, I attended the 2-year Master’s program in Pediatric Osteopathy, obtaining the specialization in Pediatric Osteopathy.

I employ various medical specialists, including dentists, pediatricians, nutritionists, orthopedists and psychologists with whom there is continuous interaction for the patient’s well-being.

By number and quality of reviews, I was listed among the best osteopaths in Turin.

Since 2018 I have been collaborating with the Europian Academy of Osteopaty (EAO) for which I am an assistant in the various courses throughout Europe.

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