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If, like me, you are a little out of shape, I will enunciate the benefits that running can bring to our bodies. Let’s say I say it to myself as well, to convince myself not to give up and hang in there mile after mile….

Are you ready? Drumroll….Let’s get started.

Your Aunt Franca, gripped by a rapture of madness and conditioned by the beautiful sunny day, ran…

Well yes, I put on my sneakers, sweatpants (strictly black, that black wears off) and bam! I trotted and zomped down to the park with the elegance and gracefulness of Fantasia’s hippo.

A real challenge for someone like me who has been living in a relationship with the couch for years; but since I give health advice, I couldn’t preach well and practice badly so I decided to do my body a favor and started running.

Well … running is a big word, but I committed to a nice little ride without overdoing it.

I must say that as a first attempt the result was quite embarrassing….

After only 5 minutes I lost a lung, in the 15th minute I left a hip in the street.

(By the way, if you are from Turin and see an abandoned hip in Valentino Park, please send it here to Paladin Pharma).

But I was not discouraged and in the end, despite discovering sore muscles that I didn’t even know existed, I was satisfied and happy with the feat I had just accomplished.

One small step for humanity, one big step for Aunt Franca!

Now the next step is to continue steadily, because that’s the problem for “non-sportsmen,” leaving because you think you can’t do it.

And I assure you…. I am the queen of abandonment!

True, the beginning is hard and tiring, but do you want to put the satisfaction after months of training of being able to run those miles that you would usually have faced only with the help of an electric scooter?

running benefits

If, like me, you are a little out of shape, I will enunciate the benefits that running can bring to our bodies. Let’s say I say it to myself as well, to convince myself not to give up and hang in there mile after mile….


By running we “stress” our bones and joints by straining them with our weight. Being careful not to overdo it, consistent training causes the bones and ligaments to strengthen to adjust to the load and stresses. This is a very important thing as it reduces the occurrence of osteoporosis and the loss of bone mass.
However, care must be taken to use proper shoes so as not to incur sprains and injuries during your workout.


heart rate and benefits of runningBy running we increase our heart rate.
By urging the heart to “pump” faster we make it work out with us.
With constant training with progressive difficulty, our heart will “set” itself by becoming more resistant, pump more blood, and over time the heart rate will tend to decrease by keeping low even when at rest.
Having a well-trained heart helps improve blood circulation and averts the onset of problems due to high blood pressure.


Running and intense physical activities have the power to lower the levels of “bad” cholesterol; yes, because there are two types of cholesterol, HDL and LDL, the former is not harmful to the body, in fact, it helps to dispose of cholesterol, while the latter promotes its deposition in the arteries, clogging them.
Running therefore helps prevent risks due to excess blood cholesterol such as heart attack, stroke, atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease.


It is known that physical activity burns calories.
As with the heart, our metabolism can also be “trained”; by pushing it to burn more calories by running, it will continue to burn fat even when we are at rest.
The best time to lose weight by running is in the morning before breakfast, the energy expenditure due to physical activity requires energy that our body, not finding “fresh” sugar stores, will go for by burning fat tissue.


muscles and benefits of running for organismIn the beginning, it is known that if we are not trained, every single muscle in our body will be sore after running because of the lactic acid released; but over time, the strain on the muscles will cause them to be toned and strengthened ensuring that we perform better and better.


Running stimulates the release of endorphins, increases our endurance and boosts serotonin production giving a feeling of well-being (find out about happiness hormones in my old article).
At the end of a good run there is always a feeling of peace and serenity, we feel charged and energized.
So running is a good remedy against stress; it is a natural antidepressant!


Running purifies the lungs, improving oxygen circulation in the blood.
Consistent and sustained training can increase lung volume by 200%, in some cases as much as 300%.
More “capacious” lungs means a greater supply of oxygen in the blood.


We just found that running increases oxygenation and improves heart rate, this affects brain performance by improving cerebral vasculature. Studies have shown that running at least 3 times a week stimulates the production of new brain cells.
In addition, running increases concentration and keeps memory trained.


Running strengthens muscles, bones and lungs. It makes us more resilient and healthy. A trained body is stronger against the attacks of external bacteria. So regular physical activity will also help strengthen our immune system.

Well, what can I say, running is a real panacea!
So whether you are a professional runner or a novice like me, now know all the benefits of running.
For my part, I’ll try to stay constate in my morning jogs and who knows, maybe my “armchair lover” status will turn into “committed runner”!
Surely my physique would be proud!

See you in the next article! ^ ^

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