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Ever heard of black garlic? This is not something gone bad but an all-natural product rich in properties and health benefits. Black garlic is derived from common white garlic after undergoing a special process that alters both its color and texture, which becomes softer.

White garlic is an herbaceous, perennial plant native to Central Asia that grows mainly in regionsblack garlic plant benefits paladin pharma of southern Europe. The part commonly used in cooking, is the bulbs that are harvested in spring or summer, when the leaves and inflorescence are now dry. For the past few years, this new black garlic has appeared on the Italian scene, which is considered as important in culinary as in pharmaceuticals precisely because of its countless properties.

Black garlic’s benefits

Garlic, in itself, enjoys a long tradition of use in the prevention and treatment of numerous diseases; it is particularly used in the area of cardiovascular disease. Black garlic keeps all the essential properties of garlic intact.

Garlic aging results from prolonged storage of the fresh bulb at room temperature. During aging natural chemical and enzymatic reactions change its composition, this is what is particularly enhanced:

  • It has a higher amount of antioxidants;
  • Rich in calcium, protein and contains more phosphorus.
  • It has particular action in reducing cholesterol and treating blood sugar;
  • Like regular garlic, it, too, is used to help with hypertension problems.

The big difference with regular white garlic?

black garlic paladin pharmaWe usually stay away from garlic because of its strong odor that lingers even after eating it. The flavor of black garlic, on the other hand, leaves a decidedly sweeter and less strong aftertaste on the palate; in fact, you can use it in cooking cooked and raw just as you do with white garlic.

Caution though! It is not enough to “age” your white garlic for a few months to get black garlic! In order to enjoy its properties, it is better to buy it “already aged” in specialized organic stores or in particular supermarkets.

If you want to know more properties of white garlic, we have written an article about it here.

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