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Ready to face the dress rehearsal? If you want to fight water retention and bloating, you’ve come to the right place. Today we talk about water retention remedies. We have identified four.

During the past episodes we have seen what water retention is and what are its 5 main causes. So today let’s see what are the top 4 natural remedies to deal with water retention before the swimsuit test! If you want to counteract bloating and water retention then, your best ally is nature. There are certain plant extracts, traditionally known for their ability to promote physiological drainage of excess fluids, that may be right for you! Ready to run for it?

1 – The Lespedeza capitata

Lespedeza capitata is a shrub, whose natural habitat is the Americas and western Asia, from whose leaves and twigs a plant extract rich in flavonic glycosides is made. These are derived from flavonoids, active substances recognized as nutrients useful for the well-being of blood vessels, particularly the microcirculation (capillary vessels). Specifically, the flavonic glycosides of Lespedeza, once administered, reach the kidneys intact where they help optimize kidney function by facilitating the elimination of waste, toxins (urea, chloride ions, etc.) and excess fluids stagnating in the tissues.

2 – The Orthosiphon

Orthosiphon, also known as Java tea, is a plant native to Indonesia that is also called “cat’s beard” because of its distinctive purple-white flower shape. Of the plant, the leaves are used, which contain essential oil, flavonoids, triterpene saponins, vitamins, and mineral salts, particularly potassium salts.

Their most important and interesting activity is to promote the renal elimination of sodium chloride and thus water and is therefore a good phytotherapeutic adjuvant for all forms of water retention.

3 – The Birch

Birch is a tree characterized by its smooth white bark which tends to flake off as it ages. Native to southern Europe and central and northern Asia, it is widespread throughout central Europe, the Balkans and much of northern Europe. In Italy it normally grows in mountain and subalpine areas, but can also be found elsewhere. Due to their main constituents (Betulin, Flavonoids, Tannins, Vitamin C) the leaves of Birch exert a significant draining effect, mainly due to the presence of saponins and flavonic glycosides, without involving excessive loss of mineral salts It is also indicated in the adjuvant treatment of cellulite where it counteracts, via theincreased diuresis, water retention almost always underlies the problem. Because of this action it can be useful in an overweight treatment program.

4 – The Pilosella

Pilosella is a small herbaceous perennial plant. Its bright yellow flowers are arranged solitary at the top of the stem, which can reach up to 20 cm in height. Common in the wild, it grows wild throughout Europe especially in dry meadows in mountainous areas. It is harvested in spring and summer.

The main activity of the plant, however, is to promote the body’s draining activities, which are particularly explicated by its content of coumarins, flavonoids, and triterpenes. Modern phytotherapy involves the use of Pilosella extracts in the treatment and prevention of many water retention phenomena, resulting, for example, from eating disorders. pilosella and water retention

Did you already know these 4 natural remedies against water retention? Remember, in any case, that a varied and balanced diet along with sports activities are always a great help!

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